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Jennifer Nettles opens up about lesbian rumors

Jennifer Nettles
Jennifer Nettles
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jennifer Nettles is a name country music fans immediately recognize. She is the lead singer in “Sugarland” and has recently launched a solo career. Nettles never lived a particularly public life, which is probably why many of her fans assumed she was gay. According to a Feb. 19 report from E! Online, Jennifer Nettles never let the rumors get to her. She was not offended by the lesbian community rallying around her and showing their support.

Jennifer Nettles is not a lesbian and is currently married to Justin Miller. They welcomed their first child, Magnus just over a year ago. Nettles talked about how she was branded a lesbian in an interview with “Between the Lines.” Whether it was her lyrics or the short hair style she sported, fans and the gay community really believed she was a lesbian.

Now that Jennifer Nettles has officially “come out” as straight, all the rumors can be laid to rest. She has really kept her personal life under lock and key, which is odd for people in this business. The gay community still adores Nettles and will continue to follow her through her career by supporting her music.

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