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Jennifer Nettles Lead Singer For Sugarland Comes To San Jose This Thursday

I am very excited that Jennifer Nettles is coming to San Jose this Thursday. She will be performing at the San Jose Civic Auditorium.

Jennifer Nettles
Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer is the lead singer of the amazing country band, Sugarland. I saw Sugarland in concert, and it was one of the best shows I have ever had the privilege of attending. In no small part, that was due to the beautiful voice and outstanding performance skills of Jennifer Nettles. She is able to deliver a song like Stay with true emotion and authenticity, while she is also able to deliver a song like Stuck Like Glue with spunk and fun!

The new album that Jennifer is promoting was started a few months after delivering her baby. She gave the legendary producer, Rick Rubin, a call. He agreed to work with her, so in May of 2013, she moved temporarily to California with her husband and new baby. She worked with Rick in his Shangri-La Studio located in an old hippie ranch house in Malibu that was originally owned by Bob Dylan. They worked on a number of songs and in the end both Jennifer and Rick made lists of the yes, no and maybe tracks. Those that they both had in common made the album.

I am very excited about both the album and the concert. Jennifer is a great talent and I am sure they will be outstanding.

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