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Jennifer McCarthy releases 911 call, statement disputing vaginal gun allegations

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Santa Fe, NM woman Jennifer McCarthy, the ex-wife of award winning author, Cormac McCarthy, released the 911 call and a statement on Jan. 10, 2014 about the incident that led to her being charged with aggravated assault last week, according to the Huffington Post.

The Post reports that McCarthy, 48, argued with her boyfriend, Mark Paleologo, 53, on the morning of Jan. 4 about space aliens. She is accused of leaving the home and returning with a gun hidden in her vagina.

According to the The Smoking Gun, police allege the weapon was "placed while the accused was performing a sex act." reports that such a feat is not impossible, as a 28-year-old Oklahoma woman who hid a loaded .22 in her vagina in July 2013 was sentenced to 25 years in prison, according to The Smoking Gun.

Paleologo alleges she pulled the handgun out and pointed it at his head, but that he got it away from her, notes the Post.

In McCarthy’s statement, she disputes Paleologo's version of events and indicates:

My call to 911 obviously de-escalated the situation and at that point I thought the matter was resolved and did not require further law enforcement attention. Consequently, I tried to protect Mr. Paleologo and minimized the attack to the officer… At no time did I point a gun at Mr. Paleologo. At no time did I place a gun or any weapon anywhere in my body… Unfortunately, Mark’s preposterous version of events was repeated in the complaint and resulted in my arrest.”

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