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Jennifer McCarthy pulls gun out of what? Cops say space aliens starts fight

Jennifer McCarthy, the ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Cormac McCarthy, is making headlines for weird news. The woman (who is not “The View” co-host) allegedly pulled a gun on her boyfriend. According to Huffington Post on Thursday, the so-called location of the gun has many people in shock and perhaps horrified.

That’s right; the woman allegedly had it in her “special spot” as the couple were hanging out in the bedroom. With an apron and a gun, the two seemed to be pretty satisfied of the outcome, but the bizarre story doesn’t end there. Apparently after the playtime was over, the two got into an argument in the kitchen and that’s when the gun allegedly was pulled out.

So what fight had Jennifer McCarthy all steamed out that she used her sex toy to aim at her boyfriend? According to the website the two were arguing about space aliens when the woman allegedly pulled the gun and pointed it at his head (to clarify the head above the neck.)

Pop culture always finds a way to glorify weapons on movies, television shows and even posters, but the location of where McCarthy originally put the glock might really have people thinking about gun control. It’s not every day you want to get guns of out the wrong people’s body parts. Yet, today is that day! Even Congress could agree on this bizarre concern.

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