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Jennifer Lopez's ex loses bid to market sexy home video


Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband was told by a judge this week to stop any plans to distribute a home movie that shows the pop star in an uflattering light.

Ojani Noa had plans to distribute "How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J.Lo and Ojani Noa story," which chronicled their 1997 honeymoon. It contained images of Lopez on a motorcycle without underwear and standing in front of  a mirror clad in a bra and bikin. It also showed an argument the pop star had with her mother regarding allegedly reniging on a promise to buy the elder woman a house.

Lopez filed a $10-million lawsuit to stop the 11 hours of footage from being marketed. She claimed it violated terms of the couple's divorce settlement that had a confidentiality clause regarding their marriage.

"She is trying to stop me from moving on with my life," Noa said outside of court. "The movie's not something sexual on it. This is proof of her power and money trying to stop me from moving on."

Noa said he fled Castro's Cuban regime in 1992 and his proposed flick would tell the struggles he faced in blending into American society. He said he currently works as an actor and a model.

An order preventing Noa from distributing the movie lasts until Dec. 1, when another court hearing is scheduled to make the order more permanent. Lopez's attorney John Lavely refused to comment on the case.

Photo credit: Matt Sayles/AP  


  • Carol 5 years ago

    Did you read this before you posted it. It's full of grammatical errors and spelling errors. What kind of journalist are you? As for the story, this guy needs to get a life. He's the one that won't move on. Leave Jennifer alone.