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Jennifer Lopez returns to her 'Jenny from the Block' roots in 'Same Girl' video

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez premiered the music video for her new song "Same Girl" on Thursday. In the homecoming clip, J. Lo returns to the Bronx and shows the world that she is still "Jenny from the Block."

Lopez is set to release a new album this year. It has so far been previewed by the electro-pop single "Live it Up" featuring Pitbull and the buzz song "Girls." With "Same Girl," she reclaims the hip-hop sound of her old hits like "Jenny from the Block" and those remixes with Ja Rule. "I'm tired of trying to make you see that I'm still me," she sings over an orchestra and drum machine. J.Lo drives her point all the way home to New York City on the Chris Brown-penned tune.

The "Same Girl" music video shows Lopez revisiting the Bronx in a hood chic outfit reminiscent of her "This is Me... Then" days. She hits the streets, catches up with fans and sings on a rooftop. J. Lo serves up some "I'm Real" remix realness in the personal clip.

When Lopez is not recording new music, she is working as a judge on the latest season of FOX's "American Idol."

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