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Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis look worn out for starring roles in indie film

Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis looking rough for their roles
Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis looking rough for their roles

Jennifer Lopez has somehow found the time between shooting episodes for American Idol and being a mom to 6 year-old twins and a business mogul so that she can film for her role in Lila and Eve. Viola Davis is doing her thing, too; she's in the midst of concurrently filming three movies (yes, three), including this one. They have definitely had to turn down their often glamorous red carpet look (see article picture above). No make-up. No hairstylists. No gorgeous dresses. None of it.

Lila and Eve is an indie movie about two mothers whose children are violently killed. The two mothers become friends after going to support group meetings. After law enforcement fails to do anything about the murders of their kids, they team up to avenge the deaths of their children by going on a killing spree, targeting the drug dealers responsible. According to the director Charles Stone III, Lila and Eve is a mixture of timeless movies Thelma and Louise and Fight Club.

Other notable talent includes Shea Whigham (Boardwalk Empire), Amel Ameen (The Butler), and Andre Royo (The Wire). Filming took place in Atlanta, GA. The movie is slated to open later this year or early 2015.

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