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Jennifer Lawrence's figure fully revealed as Mystique in Empire publication

Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) powers her way through a top secret military installation.
Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) powers her way through a top secret military installation.
Photo by Alan Markfield, Marvel Studios, and Twentieth Century Fox

According to Mail Online on Jan. 27, Empire magazine debuted a wonderful set of photographs for the upcoming summer film "X-Men: Days of Future Past". The feature cover revealed Jennifer Lawrence in her Mystique costume and the sheer magnificence of her figure would make any comic book artist desire to draw her. Also, other cover variants displayed 25 different pictures hyping the new Bryan Singer "X-Men" sequel.

Lawrence will be reprising her role as the shapeshifter this May and it actually took seven hours and six women to prepare the costume for cinema ready quality filming. In "X-Men: Days of Future Past" Mystique breaks contact with both Xavier and Lehnsherr where later she hardens up during an occurrence of an assassination plot.

Considering the amount of time and precision it took to manufacture the costume, Lawrence figured that it'd be best to come up with a rather simpler means of getting the whole process done quickly.

"When I was on like my seventh hour, I was like, 'Why don't you just dip me in a bathtub of blue?' But no, it's all airbrushed. They place the scales first with glue. Then they do three layers of airbrush blue and then five layers of splattering of all different colours...I know that everybody feels sorry for me, but we have so much fun. It's like a sleepover except I'm naked and being painted. It's the same technology, the same methods they were using on Rebecca Romijn, the original Mystique, 10 years ago".

Other Empire covers include Peter Dinklage's Boliver Task character as well as his manufactured Sentinel robot. In additional covers displays Evan Peters as Quicksilver and Evan Jonigkeit as an elder Toad.

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" opens in theaters this summer on May 23.

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