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Jennifer Lawrence ruined ‘American Hustler’ gown? Star ate Doritos on film set

Jennifer Lawrence likes Doritos? OMG! Another reason to love her
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence will eat Doritos when ever she wants, after all she is an award winning actress. Perhaps that is why the fashion world is laughing after hearing that the star ruined one of her gowns from American Hustler by eating Doritos on set and the "dust" fell on the costume she was wearing. According to Today on Wednesday the Oscar-nominated costume designer, Michael Wilkinson let it slip in that the star ate the snack food and ruined one of the costumes.

“She’s not against eating Doritos and snack food in her costume,” said Michael Wilkinson about the mishaps on the American Hustler set. “So we were glad that we had a couple (backup gowns).”

The idea of Michael Wilkinson babbling on about Lawrence’s eating habits in Vanity Fair about a film is absolutely hilarious. Trying to make the actress look back, it appears that Wilkinson might be a tiny bit jealous that the star can eat junk food and look good. Or maybe Michael Wilkinson wanted a little piece of the spotlight that Jennifer Lawrence gets when she acts so well.

Whatever the reason, it is obvious to fans that this might be a good time for Doritos to recognize they got an unsuspecting plug from Hollywood. One of the biggest stars on the planet eats Doritos chips.

Is Doritos dust just as powerful in different flavors? Pass over the bag full of Doritos Cool Ranch and we will be your unsuspecting victims! And if anyone happens to see Michael Wilkinson, give him a quick tour of a washing machine. It sounds like he could use some helpful advice on getting out stains.

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