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Jennifer Lawrence photo leak: Some celebs verify pics are real, others say fake

Photos supposedly showing a nude Jennifer Lawrence are making their way around the Internet as part of what seems to be a massive celebrity hacking campaign. The nude pictures claiming to be of Jennifer Lawrence were taken in various locations, some appearing to have been taken in a dressing room, while others are of a more intimate nature.

Jennifer Lawrence verifies leaked nude photos of her are real, threatens legal action.
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Hundreds of allegedly nude and nearly nude photos of other celebrities also leaked online, raising the larger question of whether Apple’s storage server iCloud is as secure as it claims to be. Nude and explicit photos and videos of more than 100 celebs, mostly female, were posted to the online bulletin board "4chan" Sunday, claiming to be personal images hacked from various phones after an iCloud security leak, according to on Sept. 1.

Some of the photos show the woman who is allegedly actress Jennifer Lawrence taking the photos herself, while others appear to have been taken by another person. While some of the pics apparently are of Lawrence in various bathing suits, others are fully nude.

Sunday, a number of other partially nude photos of celebrities were posted to various websites across the internet, according to TMZ. Alleged victims include Kate Upton, Victoria Justice, Kirsten Dunst, Ariana Grande, Krysten Ritter, Yvonne Strahovski, Hope Solo and Teresa Palmer.

A spokesperson for Lawrence called the photo leak a flagrant violation of privacy. They claim authorities have been contacted and they will prosecute anyone who posts or re-posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.

As Lawrence apparently confirms the photos are real and depictions of herself, others have taken to social media to claim the pics of them are fake. Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice are saying the purported photos of them are not real.

Meanwhile Mary Elizabeth Winstead confirmed those of her are real. Attorneys for Kate Upton also seemed to indicate her photos are real by threatening legal action against anyone who disseminates or duplicates the leaked photos.

An apparent software glitch combined with weak passwords are reportedly allowing hackers to gain full access to users' iCloud accounts. Apple is said to be working on fixing the glitch.

One surefire way to avoid sticky situations like this - don't keep nude photos of yourself on your phone. This makes more sense for the famous who are typically targeted. Live and learn.

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