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Jennifer Lawrence nude photos update: Hacking traced to Apple iCloud leak

Jennifer Lawrence nude photos traced to Apple iCloud leak
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Fans who have seen the Jennifer Lawrence nude photos on social media and different websites have been asking how the star’s private pictures have hit the web. Apparently the release of the images were not legal and allegedly the star’s Apple iCloud was hacked. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday that the allegedly hackers allegedly stole images from the star's iCloud account and posted them on the website 4chan.

Representatives are active on Monday getting the Jennifer Lawrence nude photos removed. Shares, postings and any sign of photographs posted online are being taken down immediately as the pictures are private property and taken illegally.

No doubt illegal and a violation of privacy isn't just a problem for Jennifer Lawrence. The master list of over 100 Hollywood stars also are victims of this incident and it could spread further. According to experts anyone using Apple iCloud could be at risk of being hacked and should take necessary measures to protect themselves until this is sorted out.

The site Forbes is reporting that the explanation of how the Apple iCloud was hacked hasn't been released, but people can take measures to disable the feature to make sure that they don’t become victims of any incident. This type of security breach could be a problem for anyone who has photos or details that they don’t want to become public.

If people are wondering how long an image is stored on a server, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead might have the answer. The nude photos released of the actress were taken years ago in the privacy of her own home and she claims that the images were deleted. This odd twist points to someone grabbing the images on a server that saved them instead of just deleting the pictures.

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