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Jennifer Lawrence nude photos leak: racy pics are real, says rep

Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco and other female celebrities were the target of a mass celebrity nude photo leak on 4Chan on August 31. While some stars claim the alleged pics 'of them' are fake, a rep for Lawrence confirm hers are real. Yikes!
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Red carpet darling Jennifer Lawrence is among the slew of actresses who have seen their nude photos leak online this weekend. It's one thing to be named best dressed or worst dressed by fans and media, but most celebrities don't want their public to see them undressed!

In the cases of some featured in the leak, such as Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, and others, at least some of the skin-baring photos appear to be fake.

Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton Nude Photos Hit Internet in Mass Celebrity Pics Hack

However, in the case of the new Jennifer Lawrence nude photos that leaked Sunday, a rep for the actress says they are actually the real deal. "This is a flagrant violation of privacy. Authorities have been contacted," said the rep, according to televised reports on the E! network on August 31. This report from the Huffington Post on the NSFW images of the Oscar-winning actress and "Hunger Games" starlet seem to confirm this, with the added detail that the images were stolen from Lawrence's iCloud.

Photos of curvy, extra-buxom Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton also appear to be incredibly, uh, authentic, though Lord knows the limits of Photoshop barely seem existent these days. Anything is possible. It is clearly not for us alone to determine whether the Kate Upton nude photos that leaked Sunday are real or not; but they sure appear to be.

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The large cache of leaked celebrity nude photos appeared on the website 4Chan Sunday, just as an alleged hacker promised would happen in posts made earlier in the week.

Get more details on the story here from CNN, but sorry, no link to the actual photos. We are confident that those who are so motivated will manage to dig up a link from some corner of the Internet, but we weren't about to post it ourselves. (Yes, we did view several of the photos ourselves. The ones we saw were fairly tame, just, well, topless. In Europe, they wouldn't be enough to raise an eyebrow. Sort of pin-up-meets-selfie shots. Really, truly… Nothing earth shattering.)

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