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Jennifer Lawrence naked photos show actress face; hackers in big trouble

Jennifer Lawrence on red carpet.
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Fans know the Jennifer Lawrence naked pictures are creating quite a distraction for fans on social media. The nude photos of over 100 countless actresses hit the web on Sunday. According to People on Sunday, the photos were hacked by an individual that didn’t have any regard for the privacy of “The Hunger Games” actress.

For fans who wondered if the pictures were digitally altered, the pictures show the face of Jennifer Lawrence and her reps confirmed to Buzzfeed the pictures are real. It’s obvious the poses were never expected to be on public display and the star made no effort to shield her face.

Currently the police are hot on the trail of the hacker who posted the images. The Jennifer Lawrence nude photos aren’t the only ones that might be released on social media. The hacker has indicated that there are over 100 stars on a master list that could be exposed. Tracking the digital trail of the hacker, people assume the person behind the hacking will be caught. There will also be repercussions for anyone who might have shown this digital image to anyone as it is private property.

While there are thousands of pictures online that are digitally altered, the focus of these nude pictures aren’t just about the images. The concern is that the digital property was stolen and posted online without permission. This could be a criminal act that could give the hackers involved jail time.

What is next with for recovering the nude photos? Hopefully people will stop sharing the pictures online and users might face consequences if they share the private images.

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