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Jennifer Lawrence naked photos become top Twitter trend

Jennifer Lawrence naked photos surface online
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence quickly became a top Twitter trend on Sunday. At this time, no one is sure who initially leaked them, but the photos are spreading like wildfire on social media and on several celebrity websites. The Inquisitr reports that 4Chan may be responsible for leaking the photos and they were reportedly hacked from Apple's iCloud.

The photos of Jennifer Lawrence include several that show "The Hunger Games" star completely nude lying on her bed. Other photos are topless closeups, with one of Lawrence posing suggestively with her bra pulled down to expose her breasts. As many as 60 explicit photos of Lawrence were posted online and there are hundreds of photos and videos of other celebrities that were hacked as well.

Naked Photos Online: Are Your iCloud Pics Safe From Hackers?

Because there are so many naked pics online, it's almost impossible for Twitter to act swiftly and pull them down. Even if they are able to remove the photos, many have been saved and posted on gossip sites all over the Web.

Jennifer Lawrence's reps confirmed the photos are indeed hers. There is word that she may take legal action, but her reps have not confirmed that rumor.

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