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Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton nude photos to be at exhibit called ‘No Delete’

Kate Upton nude photos going on display in art exhibit?
Kate Upton nude photos going on display in art exhibit?
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Kate Upton nude pictures that hit the web and went viral are going to be hanging in an art exhibit next month. Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos are going to be there too. According to the New York Daily News on Thursday, Los Angeles artist XVALA has decided to put the images on canvas and share them in a special exhibit called “Fear Google.”

Apparently the idea is to show life-size and unaltered images at the Cory Allen Contemporary Art gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida for an upcoming show. Titled "No Delete" the opportunity to show images that have been shared on the web is part of the artist’s “Fear Google” campaign.

Not sure why the public should be fearing Google, but displaying those pictures to the public should have the gallery fearing the attorneys of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. The idea of glorifying illegally obtained property is going to bring out tough legal action. Add that Google has little to do with this leak as with no connection established and this hints to be a publicity stunt in the works. If nobody has thought of it before, let us be the first to suggest someone gets a restraining order to prohibit the pictures for going on display.

The difference between art and life has always been blurred. Yet, there is no question if these illegally obtained images were not permitted to be shared on social media then the pictures won't be allowed to go on display either so there needs to be swift legal action. Hollywood attorneys are probably already warming up the jet and the finishing touches as they are drawing up the paperwork.