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Jennifer Lawrence humorously admits edgy bob helped by hair extensions

She's beautiful, talented and funny: Jennifer Lawrence wears hair extensions on chin on May 15's "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Lawrence debuted a short, edgy bob, which was slightly longer than her pixie from ‘The Hunger Games” tour. It seems J. Law had fans stumped; including the Hair Care Examiner who thought her pixie reached new lengths. But as only the loveable Lawrence could do, she pranced on stage with hair extensions attached to her face during Thursday night’s appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."

Toward the end of April "People" posted Jennifer Lawrence hair news. J. Law’s pixie cut grew into an edgy bob, a natural transition when going from short to long, although it seemed, and it was a fact this professional should have been aware of. When Beyoncé went from pixie to bob in a week after a fight with a fan and hair extensions on stage, it came as no surprise that Beyoncé’s bob was helped by a weave. When Jennifer Lawrence walked Oscars’ red carpet, her pixie was slicked back and appeared it had grown, so it wasn’t a total shock when she surfaced a month and a half later with her slightly longer new bob, especially as many celebrities tout the benefits of hair growth vitamins such as Viviscal.

However the "X-Men: Days of Future Past" star’s hair didn’t miraculously grow, a little fact Jennifer Lawrence hysterically admitted with Jimmy Fallon. J. Law walked on stage, smiling, with a long goatee (hair extension piece), and then confessed the secret to her new look.

I wanted to cut two (hair extensions) for bushy eyebrows. Everyone is talking about how Jennifer Lawrence has grown her hair out, so I decided to grow my chin out a little bit, Hollywood style. It’s all fake.

Perhaps the media deserved that tease with its celebrity obsession. And this professional is still shaking her head; especially as the hair growth rate was detailed in the Jennifer Lawrence report on her new look.

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence’s new bob is a simplified way to grow out a short pixie and an easy transition from short to long. Once her sides were long enough, the back only needed to be taken up. But, based upon the formula below, the 23-year-old’s hair would have only grown one inch, not enough for the celebrity hairstyle she now wears.

Yes, frequent trims are the key to growing healthy hair. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates depending upon age, health and maternity, but on average the hair grows about six inches per year. That is one inch every two months. So, if you trim a quarter of an inch every six to eight weeks, the hair has grown three-quarters of an inch in that two-month time frame, which is about four and a half inches per year, give or take and is healthy and split-end free. But to have a style like Jennifer Lawrence and gain in length quickly, hair extensions, which do come in a variety of lengths, are needed. This hair care professional has humbly eaten crow.

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