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Jennifer Lawrence falls again at the Academy Awards - Twitter reacts accordingly

Jennifer Lawrence at the Academy Awards in Hollywood
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence has done it again.

No, she hasn’t won another Oscar because that has yet to be announced from this year’s Academy Awards in Hollywood. Actually, she fell again, only this time it was even before the show got started via the red carpet and social media has reacted accordingly.

Even the evening’s host Ellen DeGeneres got in the act, reminding everyone in the audience and millions more watching on TV of her fall last year when she was ascending the stage to accept the Oscar for Best Actress. Then Ellen informed both the live and television audience she fell, prompting an embarrassed look from the 23-year-old Ms. Lawrence. Ellen topped it off by saying, "if you win tonight, I think we should bring it (the Oscar) to you", prompting a generous round of applause and laughter, along with spontaneous reactions on social media.

"Jennifer Lawrence falls" is now trending on Twitter and a Vine video of the red carpet mishap has been posted on Twitter, and already has generated 85 likes and 104 retweets, with much more to follow. Not to be outdone, has posted a gif of her not so grand entrance.

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