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Jennifer Lawrence face-palms Emma Watson at Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is really bringing out the best of so many worlds as it always does, but it sometimes brings out the craziest of things as well. Jennifer Lawrence has made a name for himself in so many ways, and she is no more than 23-years-old, but her greatest moments are those which happen candidly. On July 7, 2014, E Online revealed what she has been up to, and that includes a serious face-palm of Hermione Granger herself, Emma Watson.

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson
Rindoff / Dufour / French Select / Getty Images
Katniss decided to face-palm Hermione in perfect fashion.
Getty Images - Rindoff / Dufour / French Select

Jennifer Lawrence had a great time and turned lots of heads while at the Christian Dior fashion show which was held during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Some have lashed out about her make-up and her spray tan, and even that her dress drooped a little low on the side.

She was having a great time and it appeared to be even more fun when fellow actress and good friend Emma Watson showed up to enjoy the shows with her.

It seems as if the two friends were just hanging out together and having a great time while at Paris Fashion Week. At one time, they were seen being photographed together and Lawrence took it upon herself to deliver a gigantic face-palm to Watson, and it was all caught on camera.

Obviously, Jennifer Lawrence was able to keep her gorgeous smile without batting an eye.

Later, Lawrence and Watson were seen watching some of the runway shows while sitting on opposite sides of a gentleman who really seemed to be happy about his arm candy. The smile on his face truly shows his appreciation for the fun and beauty of the young actresses.

Whatever the case may be and whatever storylines may come out of Paris Fashion Week, Jennifer Lawrence has stolen the show again. Only this time, she did it simply with one perfectly placed face-palm on Emma Watson.

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