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Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Martin dating hot and heavy

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin, hot new couple
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

So it appears that Chris Martin and Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence are now an item. A hot and heavy item. The two are rumored to be dating.

This is amazing news. Jennifer is a smart, feisty, independent and a very talented woman with no baggage and a bright future ahead of her. She needs a man that is stable, successful, and that has been there and done that. Chris Martin is certainly this type. He’s been married, he has kids, he has a successful career, and is stable. Not to mention he is really cute.

E! news online dropped this story today after multiple sources claimed the couple have been spending quite a bit of time together. They could just be hooking up or they could really be dating, who cares. These two together are so visually appealing I just love the idea of them being together.

Jennifer needs an older man like Chris Martin and Chris needs a little piece of heaven like Jennifer Lawrence, especially after dealing with Gwen for 10 years.Whatever Jennifer and Chris are doing, I am sure they are enjoying each other’s company.

From Nicholas Hoult to Chris Martin...a step up?

Jennifer Lawrence recently split from X-Men co-star Nicholas Hoult, who she had been dating on and off again.
This past June it was all the way off when both of them had reached their limit with the relationship and called it quits. Their split was due to their busy careers and not having time to see each other. There were no hard feelings they just felt it was time to move on. Jennifer moved on alright, to Chris Martin, talk about a step up. She went from a boy to a man.

What does Gwen think?
Honestly, she is probably too busy adoring her new man Brad Falchuk, Glee co-creator to care. Seems these two have been spending tons of time together too. I think it’s great that Gwen is back on the dating scene. Gwen brings a lot to the table with her model-like physique and sense of style. I am sure Gwen had many suitors to choose from.

Both couples will be on everyone’s radar over the next few months so stay tuned.

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