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Jennifer Lawrence bears brunt of 100 celeb phone hack with 60 nude photos online

Jennifer Lawrence is one of more than 100 celebrities who had their phones hacked with very personal nude photos stolen and put online for the world to see. There is a master list of the 100 or so celebs whose naked or topless pictures are either posted online, or will be in the future if these hackers have their way.

Jennifer Lawrence was hacked in the massive celeb hack this weekend. She had about 60 photos stolen in this hack of her nude. They are mostly selfies.

Reports today say that only 17 celebs out of the more than 100 that are on the master list have had their pictures posted online. Unfortunately for Lawrence, the hackers got over 60 images of her along with a two-minute video that shows her in an uncompromising position, according to Entertainment Weekly on Sept. 1.

The star of the "Hunger Game" seems to be the celebrity who took the brunt of this hacking event. Her name is seemingly at the head of the pack of violated celebs today as far as the headlines are concerned.

Lawrence was one of the first celebrities to confirm that the pictures online are her private pictures from her phone. Lawrence’s rep called the pictures a “flagrant violation of privacy.” So what happened? How did the photos of the celebs show up on the /b/thread on 4chan?

A massive hacking campaign accessed her Apple iCloud account, as well as the 100 other celebrities. Somehow the hackers cracked Apple iCloud and had a field day with private pictures taken from the cell phones of celebrities. When it came to Lawrence they got numerous pictures of the beauty in “various stages of undress,” reports Entertainment Weekly. They also got a video which is apparently embarrassing for the young Oscar winner.

Many of Jennifer Lawrence’s pictures are selfies, which are private and were never meant to be seen by anyone else. This two minute video that Lawrence appears in is said to be risque and also posted on the 4chan site.

Some have denied that the pictures are real, like Ariana Grande, calling the pictures supposedly depicting her as nothing but “fakes.” Victoria Justice has also called the nude photos online tagged as her, pictures of “fake people.”

Mary E. Winstead was another celebrity to confirm the photos of her are real. She tweets that the pictures posted of her are the real thing, but they were from years ago and something privately done between her husband and herself. She was perplexed because they had been deleted a long time ago. This led Winstead to suggest the hackers had to do a lot of work to get to deleted pictures.

The photos first appeared on /b/thread on 4chan (NSFW) link, but as usual with anything this big in breaking news, the pictures have been posted, reposted and reposted again all through the online world. Jennifer Lawrence said through her rep that the authorities have been notified and the culprits will be prosecuted when caught.

Twitter users have been reminding one another that posting any of these hacked celeb pictures are grounds for suspension on the Social network. Some of the users are even citing Twitters own policies in their tweets. When the Register contacted Twitter for clarification of the consequences of a suspended account if you post one of the celeb's hacked photos they were re-directed to the Twitter policy page.

According to The Register out of the U.K. they report that Twitter’s Board of Directors refused to dismiss the claims that people who posted any of the naked celebrities on their Twitter accounts have had their accounts suspended.

Instead The Register reporter was told to read a link on Twitter pointing out their policy about tweeting private information without seeking “express authorization” and “permission.” The support site link made it perfectly clear that it won’t be tolerated at Twitter.

Who is the culprit of the massive celeb attack?

Already the theories are running rampant about the culprit behind this massive celeb hack. One of the uncorroborated rumors puts the blame on a 15-year-old boy called Tristan. Twitter user Tom Warren sums it up with a tweet; "So the idiot who leaked these nude celebrity pictures forgot to cover his Windows PC name." Well done “Tristan."

So far "unknown" is the best answer to this, but if these hackers were bright enough to hack into celeb phones and steal not only their nude pictures, but "deleted" nude pictures, do you really think they left a trail? This sounds like one lengthy investigation on the part of the authorities.

Update on 9/1 at 3:30 p.m.: Jennifer Lawrence requests the feds investigate her hacked photos online, according to Fox News live. So far the authorities have no idea who the hacker or hackers are in the massive celeb hack over the weekend. They don't even know what country this massive hack campaign originated from.

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