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Jennifer Lawrence asking for trouble with nude photos: Mindset running rampant

The hacked nude photos of 100-plus celebrities seems to have put Jennifer Lawrence in the forefront of this mess, probably because she had more than 60 pictures hacked and posted online. These pictures were very personal and not meant for the public’s eye, but yet instead of blaming the hacker or hackers, some are pointing the finger at the celebrities, like the “Hunger Games” star, for taking the pictures in the first place, according to The Daily Beast on Sept. 2.

Jennifer Lawrence naked hacked photos, along with the 100 other celebrity hacked photos, is it  their fault?
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

It is not as if she took these photos and sent them to people, they were thought to be in a secured place within her phone’s system. One tweet blamed her for “not deleting the photos.”

Deleted or not, these hackers did one sophisticated job, they were able to pull up deleted photos as well as those not deleted. Then the photos were posted on 4Chan for the world to see. Doesn't this person deserve some of the blame, along with the hacker?

The hacker also posted a master list of the over 100 celebrities he or she claims to have nude pictures of. If this is true, more should popping up soon, or maybe not since the Federal Government is now investigating this massive hack.

Mary E. Winstead’s photos were old, something she took with her husband years back and even though she had deleted them a long time ago, there they are, online! Winstead was another celebrity to confirm that the photos online were authentic.

The IB Times reports that pointing the finger at the celebrities for taking the nude photos in the first place is met with backlash from those who feel it is not the celebrities fault. Ricky Gervais found that out rather quickly when he tweeted his thoughts.

Gervais, the comedian, is under fire today for posting a tweet that appeared to put the blame for the hacked photos on the victims, the celebrities. Gervais tweeted:

“Celebrities make it harder for hackers to get nude pics of you from your computer by not putting nude pics of yourself on your computer.”

The majority of the tweets that reprimand Lawrence basically say the same thing. Many of the tweets online regarding the leaked photos are reprimanding Lawrence for taking the photos in the first place. Someone with that mindset, Jezz, tweeted; “Honestly, I don't get Jennifer Lawrence's anger. lmao. She just shouldn't have taken those nudes of herself.”

Another Twitter user, Amro, wrote: “if you didn't wanna get caught with those naked pictures of yours, you shouldn't have taken them. 5sos or Jennifer Lawrence, imbeciles.”

Steve Doocy from "Fox and Friends" on Tuesday morning, said “there’s this thing called a mirror, if you want to see yourself naked, look in the mirror.” He was joking while making the point, but many people believe that with all the hacking going on today, anything that is part of the digital world runs the risk of getting into the wrong hands.

When it boils down to it, the pictures are the celebrities personal photos and they believed they were in a secure place. What the hackers did was wrong. Saying the celebrities shouldn't have taken the photos in the first place is like telling someone whose bank account is hacked, they shouldn't have opened a bank account in the first place.

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