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Jennifer Huston's suicide by hanging in woods left low probability of rescue

Jennifer Huston, the missing Oregon mother, was found dead in the woods about 25 miles away from her home.

The missing Oregon mother who was found dead last week committed suicide by hanging herself, reports the medical examiner. Jennifer Huston’s body was found about 40-yards away from her SUV, which she parked on a desolate dirt road on private property located about 25 miles from her home, according to "Fox and Friends Weekend" live on Sunday morning, Aug. 10.

What happened to the mother of two, who from all accounts was a happy woman, good mom and wonderful wife? She was anxiously awaiting a visit from her mother who was due in town a few days after she went missing. She had planned day trips with her mom and by all accounts looking forward to this.

When Jennifer told her husband she was running out to do some errands and never returned, her family could not believe anything else than she met with foul play. That is how much of a family oriented person Jennifer was. If she didn’t come home the family was sure it is only because she is being held somewhere against her will, which turned out not to be the case, according to the Huffington Post.

The property that Jennifer drove to belonged to a couple in Yamhill County. It is a 40-acre parcel of land, which is very secluded. Police believe she had been there since the day she left her house, she was in the same black yoga pants and shirt that she had on when she went missing.

The man who owned the property happened upon Jennifer’s dark green Lexis SUV and thought nothing of it. He thought maybe someone was hiking through the woods. It wasn’t until he mentioned it to his wife who told him that was the same type of car that the mother from the neighboring county was driving when she went missing.

The couple called the police and they came out to the property and found Jennifer’s body not far from the vehicle. The man’s wife held her head in her hands and looked very distraught. She often walks to a grove in the woods where Jennifer’s body was found and said she couldn’t imagine coming across a dead body in the woods.

Jennifer had stopped at a Rite-Aid store before driving to the area where she killed herself. She was seen on the store’s security video. The mother of two picked up a bottle of Gator Aid, trail mix and a box of over-the-counter sleeping pills. The sleeping pill box was found empty in her SUV, reports ABC News.

She also left a suicide not in her vehicle, which was addressed to the family. The contents of that note have not been made available to the public, but after the family received the note they released a statement.

In that statement they conveyed that they couldn’t imagine why she had done this and they didn’t realize she was in that much pain to do something like this. Why Jennifer Huston decided to take her life last week is not known and according to the family, it may never be known.

Apparently the note didn’t give the family a reason as to why she choose to leave this world in the woods that day. What Jennifer did before ending her life seems to have left some clues as to what she may have been thinking.

Jennifer's mode of suicide is not one that someone just planning to make a suicidal gesture would normally attempt. She had a very low probability of being rescued, unlike some who attempt suicide by taking pills, knowing someone will find them before it is too late.

In a case that it is likely someone will come along is often just a gesture, what Jennifer did was what someone who really wanted to die would do. There was really no chance of someone finding her in time to save her. This is something she most likely considered before ending her life. She probably went far enough away from home out of consideration for her family.

By traveling a good distance from home instead of ending her life in a park or woods nearby, she may have considered sparing the family of riding by a place frequently that would have bad memories for them, a place where their mother died. That is probably the same reason she didn't end her life at home. She most likely didn't want her family to be the ones to find her or have to live in the place where she ended her life.

It appears that Jennifer thought things out before ending her life, buying the pills and driving 25 miles away from home to do so. It sounds as if this was a woman who loved her family very much and she took them into consideration until the very end.

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