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Jennifer Huston's body found in woods: Missing Oregon mom wearing same clothes

Jennifer Huston, the missing Oregon mother, was found dead in the woods about 25 miles away from her home.

The missing Oregon mother, Jennifer Huston, was found dead in a heavily wooded area about 25 miles away from her home. The man who owns the property where Huston’s car was found, discovered the SUV sitting in the woods and mentioned this to his wife. Luckily his wife had kept up with the news because she knew that Huston was driving the same type of SUV when she went missing. This sighting helped solve the mystery as to whereabouts of the mother of two.

His wife asked him the color the Lexis SUV and when he said green, she knew it was possibly that of the missing wife and mother. The man didn’t see anyone around the vehicle, but they called the police and the search quickly led to the body of Huston, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Wednesday, August 6.

Her body was found only 50 yards or less from her vehicle and she was wearing the same clothes that she had on the day she was reported missing. While police won’t say what caused Huston’s death, they will say that it was apparent to them how she died.

According to Fox News today, police released a statement saying that they do not believe that Huston’s death was due to an accident and they do not believe that anyone else was involved in her death. Her family was notified and they too released a quick statement thanking everyone for their help in searching for Huston and then asked for privacy right now as they are grieving their loss today.

ABC News reports that Huston left her house on July 24 and never came home. She was reported missing and the investigation turned up Huston on a surveillance video leaving a Circle K gas station in Newberg at about 6:30 the evening she went missing. She took out $100 from the Oregon First Community Credit Union before going to the gas station using her debit card.

At the Circle K she purchased gas with her debit card, then she went to a Rite Aid Pharmacy and purchased trail mix, Gatorade and over-the-counter sleeping pills. Her phone was turned off as soon as she left the gas station. Police report that her phone was manually turned off and it did not shut off due to batteries running out of power.

That was the last activity on Huston’s debit card and the last time she was seen or recorded on video anywhere. Her cellphone pinged from a cellphone tower just north of the Circle K gas station and that was her last known location.

ABC News reports that Houston’s mother suspected foul play when her daughter first went missing. Her husband also felt that she was being held somewhere because she would never leave her family on her own accord. The couple has two small sons, ages two and six.

The case is an “open death investigation,” and police are not ready yet to release Huston’s cause of death as of yet, they said at a press conference. How long Huston’s body was at that location is not known, but the area is remote and covered with a canopy of trees, so her car would have been tough to spot from the air.

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