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Jennifer Huston death ruled suicide: Oregon mother left suicide note in SUV

Jennifer Huston’s death was ruled a suicide after her body was found in a wooded area about 25 miles from her home. The Oregon wife and mother of two left a suicide note that was addressed to her family members, which was found inside her SUV along with her purse and cell phone, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Thursday morning August 7.

Jennifer Huston death ruled suicide: Missing Oregon mother left suicide note in her vehicle.

The package of over-the-counter sleeping pills that she had purchased at a Rite-Aid Pharmacy the day she went missing was found empty next to her body. The mental pain and anguish that brought Huston to this fate has the family and all who knew her at a loss, as they had no idea she was in such a dark place, reports the Statesman Journal.

On July 24 Huston told her husband she was just running errands, but she never returned. A massive search effort was launched both in the area where she lived and online through social media.

Family members were adamant that Huston would never stay away on her own accord, because she loved her two boys and husband. They felt that she was being held against her will somewhere, but that was not the case. Police believe she went to this wooded area the same day she went missing, reports Mail Online.

Huston was in the same clothes as the day she left home. The owner of the property where Huston’s body was found, saw her SUV on his rural wooded property and told his wife. She recognized the description of the SUV from news stories and the couple called the police.

Huston’s body was found about 50-yards from her vehicle. Police said her car was found on a dirt driveway that goes a good distance into the woods. Police released information that Huston’s body was found, but they didn’t release her cause of death until the day after her body was discovered, which was late in the day on Wednesday.

The medical examiner listed the cause of death for the 38-year-old as “asphyxiation,” and ruled the death a “suicide.”The toxicology tests won’t come back for a few weeks, but preliminary tests by the medical examiner point to suicide, most likely caused from ingesting the OTC sleeping pills.

Captain Jeff Kosmicki of Newberg-Dundee Police said:

"Based on the totality of the evidence, detectives and the medical examiner have concluded that Jennifer had been deceased fairly close to the time she was reported missing.”

The Huston family released a brief statement to the media on Wednesday saying:

"Our hearts ache today. We have lost our first born child. We have lost a wife and a mother.

We don't know what lead Jennifer to this dark place and to this end and perhaps never will understand this.
We are incredibly thankful to family, friends, community and media for their searching, supporting and getting the information out that lead to locating Jennifer's car and finding Jennifer.

Additionally, we are grateful for the support of those who took the time share their words of encouragement and prayers on FaceBook and helped fund the extensive search efforts.

This community really came together to support this effort as so many could relate to a mother of two small children and a husband desperately looking for his wife.

We also appreciate all the efforts of the Newberg-Dundee Police Department with support from other law enforcement agencies, on our behalf to find Jennifer.

Lastly I'd like to thank the media for the viral coverage to get the message out of our search for Jennifer. We appreciated the sensitivity to our desperate search for her.

At this time we are respectfully ask for privacy from the media for Kallen, the boys and our extended family and friends."

This missing persons search that saturated the headlines for weeks has come to a very sad ending. No one who knew Jennifer had so much as an inkling that suicide would be her fate. What ever pain and anguish she was battling remained a private war for the mother of two.

Her suicide appeared to take some planning. She purchased the pills and then turned off her cell phone while making a 25-mile ride to the spot she would end her life. She wrote a letter to her family and she didn't place herself in an area where she would have a high probability of being rescued. Sadly, it appears the Oregon mom put some thought into ending her life. No one knows the magnitude of that emotional pain that led her to this fate unless they have suffered this themselves.

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