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Jennifer Hudson's massive weight lost also came with 'too much too soon'

Jennifer Hudson understands what "The Biggest Loser's" Rachel Frederickson has been going through since she's been thrust into the spotlight after losing so much weight. "You have to do it for you," says Hudson, that's "the key to losing weight" said the beauty who shed 80 pounds herself.

Jennifer Hudson's weight loss secret, 'you have to want to do it for yourself."
Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Hyundai

According to People Magazine on Feb. 10, Hudson says the weight lose journey can't start until you realize that you are doing it for you and no one else. She keeps counting her points and staying on-track with her diet.

Contact Music reports that Hudson lost 80-pounds going from a size 16 to a size 6. Now that is some kind of will power to "want to do it for yourself!" She too got the backlash about losing too much too soon, but she's never felt better in her life!

Hudson's best advice to Rachel Frederickson is to don't let others overshadow what you have done. Rachel too looks marvelous, but she's criticized for losing too much weight, while others think she looks fine.

You can't let anyone overshadow what it is you want when it comes to losing weight and the goals you set for yourself, conveys the woman with the angelic voice.

Weight Watchers did it for Hudson and it's a diet she follows to this day. She takes this plan with her everywhere she goes, as apparently this is something she wants very much, to keep the weight off and not gain it back.

Getting used to her new hairdo, Hudson said that she is still "finding her niche" with the new short look and "having fun with it."

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