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Jennifer Hudson reveals how she lost 80 pounds: Her top 3 weight loss tips

Find out how Jennifer Hudson lost 80 pounds.
Photo by Chance Yeh/Getty Images

For years, Jennifer Hudson struggled with her weight. Then, just a few days after giving birth to her son in 2009, she vowed to try something different. Jennifer turned to Weight Watchers. And the result, as she revealed in a recent interview with Everyday Health, was life-changing. Find out what Jennifer says are the keys to losing 80 pounds below.

Jennifer chose Weight Watchers because she wanted a plan where she wouldn't feel deprived. “I’m a real girl — I love to eat and indulge in the things I love to have,” she declared.

By learning how and when to indulge, Jennifer succeeded in achieving her goal. She's even documented the details in a book: "I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down" (click for details).

Jennifer advises avoiding diets that require you to restrict yourself too much. "Eventually you’re going to break, and then overindulge." And she emphasizes that slow and steady wins the weight loss race.

"Take baby steps, and let it work for you. Think 'I can't run, but I can walk.'" By following the Weight Watchers plan, Jennifer learned "how to eat, how to measure my portions, and know what I was putting in my body."

For those who want to try the Weight Watchers way of dieting, the company has created a wide range of cookbooks, including "Weight Watchers 50th Anniversary Cookbook: 280 Delicious Recipes for Every Meal" and "Weight Watchers What to Cook Now: 300 Recipes for Every Kitchen." And for those who contend that they don't have enough time, there's also "Weight Watchers In 20 Minutes."

There's also help with the exercise element of the plan: "Weight Watchers: 15-Minute Boot Camp Series." It includes workouts for every area of the body as well as cardio.

In addition, Weight Watchers has a line of food products, such as Weight Watchers Chocolate Brownies and Weight Watchers Rich Milk Chocolate Covered Coconut Candy.

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