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Jennifer Garner pregnant: New photo shows what could be a baby bump

Jennifer Garner
Photo by Araya Diaz

Jennifer Garner of "Alias" has not shared the news that she is pregnant, but a new photo makes it look like she just might be having a baby. On Friday, New York Daily News shared a photo of her walking along on the phone. She has on a blue tank top and this skinny actress looks like she has a small bump in front.

Back on July 18, she was spotted in another picture that looked like she had a bump. Rumors have been flying for a bit that Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck might have a baby on the way. The couple has stayed quiet about the rumors though and are not admitting that they are true yet. This little bump is a pretty good clue that there might be one on the way though.

Most famous couples wait until the second trimester to announce the news to their fans. If you look at Jennifer's baby bump, she can't be very far along so that could be the reason that they are not sharing any news yet. They will speak out about it if there is a baby on the way when they are ready to tell everyone the news. Jennifer never looks anything but amazing so fans are just sure that this bump means a baby.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck already have three children together. It would not be surprising at all that they would want another child together. They have been married for nine years. She has been spending some time with him in Michigan while he is working on a movie. Jennifer hasn't been on a set lately and if she is pregnant that could explain why. Fans can't wait to hear the news about their little bundle of joy if there is one.

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