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Jennifer Cotten-Rebecca Cotten: Memphis, Tenn., Cerebral Palsy abuse case

Jennifer Cotten arrest photo
Police file photo

Rebecca Cotton was a 22-year-old disabled woman who died in her mother's care in Memphis, Tenn., in May 2014. According to Memphis authorities, Rebecca Cotten weighed only 40 pounds at the time of her death. Her mother, Jennifer Cotten, 40, has been charged with abuse, according to the Daily Mail.

An investigation into Rebecca's care in 2013 revealed that she was malnourished and weighed just 55 pounds. Jennifer Cotten lost custody of her daughter, who was then placed in the care of other family members.

According to WREG, Jennifer Cotten's longtime boyfriend, William King, said that Cotten was a good mother who did everything she could to take care of her daughter but received no help. William King also told the Daily Mail that no one in the family wanted the responsibility of taking care of an adult disabled woman. Other sources and family members say that Jennifer Cotten was a troubled, drug addicted mother who abused and neglected her children. Records show that Jennifer Cotten lost custody of another 6-year-old child.

A look into the Tennessee mother's background reveals that they lived in a home without electricity, and that Rebecca Cotten was often left home alone. On one occasion both mother and daughter tested positive for meth. In 2013, Rebecca Cotten was left unattended in a hot vehicle. That's when the state took away custody and placed her with family members. In January 2014, the disabled woman was placed back into the custody of her mother. In May 2013, a fire started in their home and Jennifer Cotten and Rebecca Cotten received burn injuries. Family members say that Rebecca Cotten was unable to talk or communicate in any form.

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