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Jennifer Beals 50: Actress stuns at 50 years of age, no glass celing for her

Jennifer Beals at 50. She looks beautiful!
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner

Jennifer Beals at 50 is getting raves as anticipation for her role in TNT's "Proof" grows. The former "Flashdance" and "L Word" actress walked the red carpet for a TBS TNT event recently when her impressive body frame and ageless face captured attention.

It's hard to believe that Beals, who starred in "Flashdance" way back in 1983, is now 50. She's one of the few celebrities who appear far younger than a woman in her 50s.

eCanada Now reports May 20 that Beals turned down a role in "The Breakfast Club" so she could return to college and get her degree in English Literature.

Jennifer Beals isn't the traditional type of actress. In fact, she didn't accept a large offer from ABC to appear on its hit reality show, "Dancing with the Stars." Jennifer said she'd rather be known for her acting than appearing on the show. Beals would have turned down the offer if a truck full of cash was parked outside her door, Inquisitr reported.

Jennifer will portray Dr. Kathryn Russo, a brilliant but troubled surgeon who struggles to cope with the tragic death of her teenage son while growing apart from her surviving daughter in the process.

The fine actress who stuns at an age where the glass ceiling starts creeping up for older female stars, also signed on to star with the cast of Matthew Modine's "The Rocking Horsemen."

Do you think Jennifer Beals looks awesome at 50?

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