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Jennifer Aniston wedding: Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux break up coming?

Justin and Jen
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston's wedding is "on hold" as she and Justin Theroux are leading separate lives according to new reports. On Feb. 24, NewsMax reported that Jen and Justin are at an "impasse" -- the couple is "barely communicating" and having a hard time with their relationship as they are living on separate coasts. Apparently they didn't even spend Jen's 45th birthday together earlier this month.

"The relationship is definitely at an impasse. Either it's going to fizzle out, which seems likely, or they get married. Jen is extremely insecure and very needy . . . Justin is the opposite, very laid back and low maintenance," revealed an insider.

Jennifer Aniston's wedding has been the talk of the town ever since she and Justin Theroux took their relationship public. After the couple got engaged in August 2012, rumors about a Cabo wedding and a possible pregnancy have circulated weekly. For the past few months, however, Jennifer and Justin have been out of the news -- so it makes sense that a new rumor would form. That's not to say that this is just a rumor, but unnamed sources usually get paid to talk -- truth or not.

Aniston was also notably absent at Philip Seymour Hoffman's funeral which is odd but some believe that she didn't want to travel to New York because she didn't want to see Theroux. That seems a little dramatic, no?

If Jennifer Aniston doesn't have a wedding within the next year and/or these rumors continue, people are going to believe that she and Justin Theroux are done... and those on "Team Jen" are already fearing the worst.

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