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Jennifer Aniston's slim body secrets


AP Photo/Matt Sayles

At 40, Jennifer Aniston is fit, shapely and sexy. Naturally, many women all over the world look and feel great at 40 and beyond. Their secret?

The truth is that we are as youthful as we feel. It just really helps if the outside matches the way one feels on the inside. To get there, it takes proper maintenance!

Diet is a key factor for anybody who wants to achieve or maintain good health. The right food will fuel your body with energy - and nutrients for great looking skin. Celebs like Jennifer are guided by meal plans developed by the pros.

She’s said to have followed two of the best selling diet plans on the planet; The Zone and the South Beach Diet. Neither are specifically weight loss plans, but they are designed to outline a proper, balanced meals. Eaters who have trouble monitoring themselves find they shed some pounds as a result of following the somewhat strict programs.

To stay active, Jen subscribes to a California standard: Yoga.

Cali guys and girls are often stereotyped as free loving hippies, but it's sort of hard to mock a tone body coupled with inner peace. The best thing about yoga is that the routine never has to repeat itself. There are so many moves and variations that yogis never get bored.

Ultimately, the secret to her success can be mimicked by fully committing to a healthy lifestyle that is properly monitored and regulated. Each meal and every snack have to be planned and balanced, plus a steady workout regimen on the daily. The real trick here is work!


  • Lauren 5 years ago

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