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Jennifer Aniston reunites with 'Friends' cast: Her anti-aging weight loss tips

Find out about Jennifer Aniston's Zone diet.
Find out about Jennifer Aniston's Zone diet.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel decided to grant the wishes of all the viewers who long for the situation comedy "Friends" starring Jennifer Aniston to return. He reunited some of the cast on his talk show, reported E News on Aug. 28.

Admitting that he's such a fan that he wrote his own script, Jimmy pleaded with Jennifer, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to play their roles as Rachel Green, Monica Geller and Phoebe Buffay just one more time. He offered to take on the role of Ross.

"I was just wondering would do the scene from it with me," requested Jimmy. He even re-created Monica's apartment for the sketch.

While Jennifer's appearance on that talk show was humorous, she became serious when interviewed for the "Access Hollywood" talk show on Aug. 27. Asked about her views on Botox and fillers to hide the signs of aging, the actress vetoed the notion for herself.

"I don't like Botox and I don't like fillers because, when I've seen it done poorly – which I think we've all seen – you wanna shake those people and say, 'You're actually doing the opposite of what you're intending to do, which is to maintain this youthful [look]!'" Jennifer pointed out. But she hedged when asked if that meant she would never consider plastic surgery or similar options.

"I'm not say, against – I don't know [if] in 20 years [I'm] gonna say that," she said. At 45, Jennifer feels she's a long way from needing to consider such measures.

However, Jennifer definitely is a believer when it comes to the benefits of dieting. Her current weight loss goal is motivated by her upcoming wedding, said a source to OK magazine.

"She doesn't think she’s overweight by any means," added the source. "But she’s always said that she feels most confident when she looks a certain way. And there’s no doubt she’ll want to have that same feeling on her wedding day."

To slim down, Jennifer is exercising as well as dieting. "She has a lot of goals that she wants to achieve, and the biggest one at the moment is getting slim the old-fashioned way: through diet and exercise."

For her diet, Jennifer follows the Zone diet plan. It's a unique approach that emphasizes the anti-inflammation and weight loss benefits of balancing protein, fat and carbohydrates.

To create a meal or snack, dieters fix a plate that consists of one-third low-fat protein such as fish and two-thirds vegetables and fruit. In addition, they add a dash from the fats group such as olive oil, nuts, or avocado.

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