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Jennifer Aniston looks great but she is not happy with her figure

Jennifer Aniston is looking spectacular at 45 years old. However, she has recently shared that she's not really all that happy with her figure these days. Aniston has said that she would like to lose five pounds and that she feels happiest when she's in the 110-113 weight range reported E! Online on Aug. 6, 2014.

 Actress Jennifer Aniston attends the Spike TV's Guys Choice at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Spike TV

It's hard to believe Aniston doesn't feel good about her figure. E! Online rates her as having one of the most envied bodies in Hollywood and one look at her makes it clear why this is true. She actually looks like she's still in her 20s. During a recent interview with Yahoo! Beauty Aniston cheated on her diet and ate a bagel. Yet, she confessed her body doesn't really do well with carbs and she has discussed how hard it is to lose weight.

Aniston said she really doesn't understand the type of person who gets a hold of her photos and those of other celebrities and than spends the day at their computers insulting them about their appearance. She supposes these kind of people like to put other people down to help them feel better about themselves. This all comes along with what Aniston sees as pressure in Hollywood to always appear ageless.

Aniston has discussed some of her beauty secrets of her casual street style reports US Weekly. Although her unique style and magnificent body have been the envy of many women she hasn't often shared her secrets to maintaining such beauty. Even with something as simple as T-shirts Aniston is careful. She says the trick to T-shirts is that she usually tailors them.

Aniston gives a lot of credit to her genes for helping to keep her face appearing ageless. She has talked about how her 81 year old Greek father hardly has a wrinkle. Her grandmother also hardly had any wrinkles when she died at 95 years old. Aniston also drinks a lot of water, gets a good amount of sleep and uses good products for her face. Overall she also sticks to a healthy diet. Aniston's beauty secrets are really very healthy and upbeat and have been doing wonders for her.

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