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Jennifer Aniston is a brunette: How to go blonde to brown like Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has dyed her highlighted blonde to a light golden brown.
Jennifer Aniston has dyed her highlighted blonde to a light golden brown.
Photo by Jag Gundu/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston’s hair is causing a media meltdown. After a promotional blitz for Living Proof where Aniston provided her hair care secrets, a new Twitter post appeared Tuesday with a picture of Jennifer as a brunette and the caption, “It’s good to be back.”

The photo, which can be seen at, is of a smiling Jennifer Aniston with light golden brown hair, a stark contrast to her heavily highlighted blonde. The 45-year-old recently touted that the key to her healthy hair is simplicity. In November she cut her locks into a short, edgy bob, and told "Good Morning America" this past Monday she shampoos her hair every other day or every three days thanks to Living Proof hair care products. The brown hair would only simplify the “Friends” star's hair care regimen, as she is a natural brunette.

Of her new brown locks, Jennifer Aniston confessed to, who debuted her new look, that she is “enjoying it.” Years of highlighting could definitely take a toll, and most women that highlight regularly eventually return to their natural shade, or one total color to give the hair a respite; one of the reasons Aniston went brown.

I was born with this color, and after a few years of playing with highlights I lost complete track of my natural hair shade, so it’s nice to be back.

A film role that she has been working on for the past five weeks is partially responsible as to why Jennifer Aniston became a brunette. The movie production is why the actress has been spotted makeup free; a fact Aniston stated is “wonderful and pretty liberating.”

It is a fairly easy process for the hair colorist to dye hair from blonde to brown as Jennifer Aniston did, however do not attempt to use a box color at home and only use a professional salon. While it is a relatively simple procedure, box color doesn’t have the fortitude to grab the blonde. There are a few steps the colorists must take for a rich, even application that is not available in a pharmacy brand box.

There’s been a mixed social media reaction to Jennifer’s new brunette shade, which is visible on Behind The Chair's Facebook page and the Twitter post. Some say it makes Aniston look washed out and others think her eyes pop. The color isn’t too dark, nor is it much different than her Rachel days. What are your thoughts on Jennifer Aniston’s new golden brown hair?

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