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Jennifer Aniston Copes With Chronic Pain in Fatal Car Wreck Aftermath

Jennifer Aniston reveals physical and emotional scars in new movie about chronic pain.
Jennifer Aniston reveals physical and emotional scars in new movie about chronic pain.

How often do you see one of the world’s most beautiful actresses with no make-up and a long scar on her right cheek? That’s how far Jennifer Aniston is willing to go to show that the main character in her new indie film “Cake” is in great pain.

Aniston, known primarily for her comedic turn as Rachel in the sit-com “Friends”, has put on a tragic mask as Claire. She survives a fatal car wreck that leaves her in chronic physical and emotional pain while she tries to cope with this new reality and rebuild her life.

Unlike Aniston, there’s nothing glamorous about chronic pain. Tens of millions suffer from a variety of conditions that leave them disabled and desperate. Even though a common pop culture story line sensationalizes prescription drug overdoses, far less attention is paid to natural, non-addictive ways of treating constant, unremitting pain.

A car wreck is the device that focuses dramatic attention on a huge problem that has many real life plot twists and turns. Those suffering from debilitating diseases like fibromyalgia, neuropathy and other forms of chronic pain, will take comfort in Claire’s struggle and resilience. If anything, Cake is a powerful statement that people in pain are not alone.

As the main character and the film’s executive producer, Aniston has the power to raise awareness while delivering an important message to the many who don’t understand chronic pain. For those living in pain, Aniston’s performance will be a source of hope and inspiration as well as validation that what they experience is real.

Joining her in this special project is a strong and sensitive cast including Sam Worthington, Anna Kendrick, Chris Messina, Felicity Huffman, William H Macy-- along with Britt Robertson, Lucy Walters, Camille Mana Manuel Garcia Rulfo and Oscar-nominated actress Marianne Jean-Baptiste.

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