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Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler get cozy


(Steven Klein/W Magazine)

Ever since "The Bounty Hunter" began filming last summer, the rumor mill has been working overtime. The two have been denying reports of a romantic relationship left and right, especially after he joined her in Mexico for her birthday bash last month. Butler addressed this by saying:

I went down for her birthday in Mexico. Of course, everyone takes that as something else, but we are very good friends.

And then the racy cover of W Magazine was unveiled.

The 13-page spread in the April issue features quite a bit of role-playing in a desert setting. The shots were captured by photographer Steven Klein, who ironically was the man behind the camera at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's photo shoot for the same publication back in 2005.

Although Aniston revealed the posing in the awkward position for the cover photo was mildly painful, the two do look pretty comfortable together. The actress told US Weekly she just tries to ignore what people say about the two of them. She adds, "Of course, I hear about it! You have to get better over time. You have to sort of build up a tough skin."


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