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Jennie-O shares the secrets to stress-free grilling

Jennie-O's Volcano Turkey Burger
Jennie-O's Volcano Turkey Burger

Many commercials would have you believe that only “all-American” Dad types can operate a grill properly. The truth--and this may come as a shock--is that anybody with at least one functioning arm can grill. If you've steered clear of that grill in the past, now's the time to pick up that spatula and get to setting some meat on fire.

Not only can anybody grill (except small children; please don't let your small children near fire of any kind); anybody can grill anything. So as not to let traditional outdoor barbecue staples such as chicken and hamburgers steal the spotlight, the turkey experts at Jennie-O have put together some quick tips and tricks to make grilling turkey easy for first-timers.

Turkey burgers have the unfortunate reputation of being bland, dry, and generally unsexy. There are a number of causes for this. Primarily, a turkey burger needs to be cooked more thoroughly than a hamburger, which usually sucks the juice right out of it. To combat such drawbacks, Jennie-O suggests:

  • Mixing your turkey meat with two tablespoons of olive oil or sauteed onions, and making sure not to over-handle it. Hand-forming it too aggressively can cause that tough texture nobody particularly appreciates. Shaping the meat just until it's a cohesive patty will do the trick.
  • Likewise, don’t push down the burgers with the spatula, even though it’s fun and makes you feel like a professional grill-master. Squashing the burger will make it lose more juices.
  • Let turkey burgers rest before you serve them to allow the juices to redistribute.

If seasoning raw meat is too much work, Jennie-O is prepared with solutions. A frozen Jalapeno Jack Turkey Burger may sound out there, but it’s an easy way to jazz up an otherwise stale barbecue dinner. The added flavors aren't overwhelming, but they go a long way to remove any traces of blandness. Add some avocado, tomato, and extra cheese to make them party-ready. Happy grilling!

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