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Jennie Garth on '90210', drugs on set, agoraphobia and Luke Perry

Jennie Garth has written a book that largely covers her days on "Beverly Hills 90210." This former unknown's teen years were consumed with the hour-long, coming of age show and now the 41-year cast member is telling all in her memoir, "Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde." On March 5, several sources including E! shared some secrets from the pages of this fresh missive.

Jennie Garth wrote a memoir
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

One secret concerned Jennie Garth's casting call for "90210," a gig she was desperate to land. The young woman was initially passed over for the part of Kelly Taylor since so many, more experienced thespians were also vying for a job on the show but finally she was granted a meeting with producer Aaron Spelling and ultimately she was picked to be a regular on the drama which also starred Spelling's young daughter, Tori.

But all the information spilled about this iconic show wasn't just about kids having innocent fun on set.

According to Inquisitr, '90210' production assistants were glad to give the cast whatever each wanted or even wished for. In fact, if Garth, for instance, "asked for a bagel and a bump of coke" then those workers "wouldn't have batted an eye."

Meanwhile, a lot of dating happened among cast members with pair hooking up and breaking up at break neck speed. These days, however, Jennie Garth isn't interested in going out with, say, her heartthrob on the show who was called Dylan. She insists that Luke Perry, the actor who played hunky Dylan, is "like a brother."

Another aspect of her life as Kelly Taylor popped up when Jennie Garth became increasingly unable to leave her house. This happened toward the end of the run when Garth was 19. It was then that she started suffering panic attacks. In turn, this stopped her from leaving the house until the sun set.

In her memoir, she admitted, "I wouldn’t say that I ever stepped over the line into full-blown agoraphobia, but I would say I definitely came close."

And so, as Jennie Garth talks about "90210"antics, the drugs on set, her near agoraphobia and Luke Perry as a potential partner in 2014, more fans than ever will want to get their hands on her book called "Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde."

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