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Jennie Garth goes clubbing, is denied access, flips the bird at photographers

Jennie Garth is a recognizable face, partially because of her long stint on "Beverly Hills 90210." However, that calling card did not get the actress and her friends into a Hollywood club. The gang was allegedly denied access by a bouncer, according to Perez Hilton on April 9.

Jennie Garth in calmer times
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

This scene went down on Monday at club DBA but how the story plays out is being told in different ways depending on who is doing the talking. One of the parties speaking out in a sarcastic way is the 40-year-old Jennie Garth herself. She wrote a cryptic but telling message on Twitter earlier this week. Her tweet was "DBA 7969 wtf (sic)."

Meanwhile, TMA reports that Jennie Garth "abruptly left [DBA] in a huff." The entertainment site said that Garth insists that she was invited to enjoy the night spot with her other female friend, who happened to be white, but the three guys, who happened to be black, were denied access.

TMZ amended its story on April 11 to say that the club weighed in on the incident, pointing out that their policy at the door is very strict and that when Jennie and her buddies were asked to wait in line like the others instead of cutting in front, "the group chose not to do so and left."

Another report says that Jennie played her "I am a celebrity" card while trying to gain admission to DBA. That was apparently not a good move, or at least not enough of a reason for the bouncer to allegedly break the rules and let the entertainer and her group into the premises ahead of the others still waiting in line.

Whether or not this is the way the story played out is only known by the parties who were on hand. However, a photograph of Jennie Garth leaving DBA with tears in her eyes and her middle finger pressed to her forehead as she apparently flipped off the cameraperson taking the shot is proof that the "90210" beauty wasn't too pleased at her sudden exit from a nightclub she and her friends were aiming to enjoy.

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