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Jennie Garth exclusive interview

Actress Jennie Garth teams up with Wondeful Halos and Feeding America.
Michael Buckner/Getty

Actress Jennie Garth recently teamed up with Wonderful Halos, Feeding America, Extra host Mario Lopez and an army of volunteers to help pack over 800 bags (count 'em!) of healthy food for the fantastic BackPack program, which provides Los Angeles and Compton Unified School District students with a backpack full of nutritious goodies so they don't go hungry over the weekend. The powerhouse event helped kick off Wonderful Halos and Feeding America's exciting new partnership, which will give 1.3 million meals to kids in need across the United States this year. How's that for stupefyingly cool!

Garth took a few minutes to talk about this special event...her new comedy series with Tori Spelling...and the launch of her upcoming memoir. P.S. Get your copy of "Deep Thoughts from a Hollywood Blonde" piping hot off the press this April.

MM: What made you want to join forces with Wonderful Halos and Feeding America?

Jennie Garth: Being able to be a part of this and providing food for kids that desperately need it is so important to me. These Friday deliveries are the only food some kids see the whole weekend. Helping others is part of who I am and how I was raised, and now I'm going full circle and teaching my kids the importance of volunteering.

MM: You have an active family!

JG: We're a very active family and we eat super healthy. My 7-year-old isn't right there yet. She would eat ice cream every meal if she could but we'll get there [laughs].

MM: Are your daughters hooked on Wonderful Halos?

JG: I'm not lying. My daughter, Lola, had 2 mandarins this morning. Every day I ask "What do you want for your snack?" And she says "2 Halos."

MM: Can't wait for your new ABC Family comedy series "Mystery Girls." It looks hysterical.

JG: I'm excited and anxious. Tori Spelling and I play characters who played detectives on a TV show. We're having a lot of fun.

MM: Do you have any real life detective skills?

JG: No! The best part is our characters played detectives on a TV show, they weren't real detectives. All Tori and I have to do is act like detectives.

MM: Congrats on your very soon-to-be released memoir. You're pretty low profile about your personal life. Was there a feeling or experience that sparked you to open up in such a revealing way?

JG: I just wanted to share. The past 2 to 3 years of my life have had a lot of changes. I've learned so much from others sharing experiences and this was an opportunity for me to share what I've been through. Hopefully I can connect with people and help them.

MM: Do you look back through the book now and say "I can't believe I put this in here!"

JG: Yes. I read it the other day for the audio release and I laughed and I cried. I have some parts that I love better than others.

MM: Between giving back, starring and producing in your new TV show, writing a memoir, and being a mom to 3 daughters, you're one non-stop woman. What keeps you going, especially after a challenging few years?

JG: I set high standards for myself. I'm not lazy and don't sit on the couch eating bon bons. That's not me. I like to produce and accomplish and create. That's just who I am.

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