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Jennie Garth '90210' chemistry: Actress disses new version of show

Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Jennie Garth is speaking out about the cast from the new version of "90210" and she doesn't have a lot to say about it. On Wednesday, E! Online shared what she had to say about the new cast. Jennie is out with Tori Spelling doing press for their brand new show "Mystery Girls." They did a lot of various interviews about this new show before the premiere.

In this interview, Jennie shared that she feels like the new cast just didn't have chemistry. She makes it very obvious that the original cast had the chemistry that this cast was lacking. This is probably why she feels like the new series didn't make it. It was on the air for about five years though so it obviously did have a big fan base.

These two girls both had good things to say about Shannen Doherty. They actually shared that if they were going to have someone else on "Mystery Girls" with them that they think she would be a perfect match for them on the show. There is no talk of her joining it but it looks like they are very open to the idea if she wants to do it.

Jennie Garth went to her Twitter page and talked all about the show "Mystery Girls." She totally stayed away from the talk about "90210." Fans were kind of expecting her to apologize and say that she might have worded it wrong, but instead she didn't say anything at all about it. She is probably just hoping that it will all just blow over and everyone will forget she said it.

Don't miss Tori and Jennie in their new show "Mystery Girls." New episodes air every single Wednesday night on ABC Family. This is a 30 minute sitcom that is on with the new show "Young & Hungry."

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