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Jennette McCurdy 'so ugly': TV actress calls ex-boyfriend ugly, Twitter debate

A new Jennette McCurdy “so ugly” tweet has been hotly discussed this week on Twitter after the Nickelodeon star took to the social media site to call one of her ex-boyfriends homely. In what is being cited as another celebrity case of Twitter “hate,” 22-year-old Jennette seemed to write a post out of the blue this Thursday, saying that she cries because a former flame is ugly. Web Pro News describes which man McCurdy may be referring to as fans similarly debate over it, and what might have led her to write the controversial message this Friday, June 27.

Jennette McCurdy gives an ugly tweet about ex-boyfriend
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

In a somewhat underhanded move, Jennette McCurdy went on her personal Twitter this week to call her ex-boyfriend “so ugly.” The tweet from the past 'iCarly" actress has already been favorite and re-tweeted dozens of times, and has elicited a mix of supportive and bemused responses from fans and other social media users.

"Sometimes i look at old photographs of my ex and i cry because he was so ugly," the 22-year-old actress on Nickelodeon wrote early Thursday morning.

It has not been confirmed which boyfriend Jennette might have actually been referencing in her post, but various entertainment sources believe that the former “iCarly” star was likely talking about Andre Drummond, a Detroit Pistons basketball player that the 22-year-old was said to have very briefly dated last year.

NBA star Drummond, age 20, and McCurdy were known to have hooked up back in September 2013; the two were alleged to have met via Instagram after some online flirting. Prior to the Jennette McCurdy “so ugly” tweet, the actress was considered the basketball player’s Wednesday Woman Crush after he nominated her at the top of the beauty slot online. Shortly afterward, McCurdy returned the kind gesture, saying that Drummond was her Monday Man Crush.

According to United Press International News, Jennette McCurdy wrote a related post on the Twitter timeline only a little while later, having apparently found out a little bit more about this player who liked her and found the athlete's attention "flattering."

“… Judging by the amount of me-related posts he had shared, it seemed he had been expressing his crush on me for quite some time. I found it sweet, gutsy, and flattering,” she said.

However, this couple's romance doesn’t seem to have lasted very long. Some insiders say that the two only “dated” for about a week before the relationship went sour, leading to what would actually become a contentious debate between the two. Avid celebrity followers became more aware of McCurdy’s temporarily fling with Drummond after the Nickelodeon star began claiming that he was responsible for leaking some provocative photos of the TV actress as late as this March.

When being accused of leaking these racy pictures, Drummond ignored the relationship issue and any involvement with the scandal. He's instead just concentrating his energy on sports and his NBA career.

"I want nothing to do with her or the situation. I'm just worried about ball,” he said of the TV actress' claims.

What do you think about the sudden showing of Twitter hate and Jennette McCurdy’s tweet calling one of her ex-boyfriends so ugly? Do you think it was simply a random expression of anger that shouldn’t be taken seriously, or is the social media posting worthy of the controversy?

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