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Jennette McCurdy 'so ugly': Mud-slinging on Twitter returns with ex 'so ugly'

Jennette McCurdy takes to Twitter for some more mud-slinging aimed at ex Andre Drummond, calling him "ugly. He is so "ugly" she weeps when she sees a picture of his face.
Photo by Mike Windle

Jennette McCurdy apparently surrounded herself with people that brought her angst in the past, describing those once close to her as someone so “ugly” that she could "cry" and someone who “sucks the life out of her.” According to The Spread It on June 28, McCurdy has taken to Twitter once again and she is tweeting disparaging words, seemingly about her ex-boyfriend, Andre Drummond.

While her tweets don’t mention him by name, they don’t need to. He has been a target of her Twitter mud-slinging before. While Drummond is not mentioned by name, folks know just who she is talking about, suggests Hollywood Gossip.

McCurdy said in a tweet that “sometimes I look at old photographs of my ex and I cry because he is so ugly.” This isn’t something new for the “iCarly” actress, she has offered Twitter critiques about Drummond before. She dissed his kissing technique and the way he shaped his mouth when making contact.

There is no love lost between the two who have poked one another via Twitter since their short-lived romance broke apart. Drummond leaked risque photos of McCurdy online and she in turn has posted some not so nice comments about him, including her newest assessment of his looks as being “ugly.”

Twitter seems to be McCurdy’s weapon of choice when it comes to cutting down her enemies. She has also used Twitter to bash co-star and former best friend Ariana Grande calling her a “drama queen” and saying that she is and “eccentric who sucked the life out of her.”

It was Twitter that originally brought McCurdy and Drummond together, but today all she wants to do is “weep” at the sight of his face. That wasn’t the case when Drummond used to tweet about the actress and they originally started dating because of his infatuation with the young star. He appeared quite smitten by McCurdy and she happened to read what the basketball player was writing about her and started to communicate with him on Twitter.

Then one day he hopped a plan to L.A. to see her and the rest was history. The two became an item, but their breakup made more of a splash in the headlines because of the back and forth mud-slinging. McCurdy is one of the celebrities that like to use Twitter as a place to air dirty laundry on people she no longer wants in her life.

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