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Jennette McCurdy sends racy photos to one person too many: Career in jeopardy?

Jennette McCurdy's racy pictures the end of her kiddy show?
Jennette McCurdy's racy pictures the end of her kiddy show?

Jennette McCurdy’s sexy photo’s that were leaked online may cost the popular Nickelodeon star her job, so says the rumor mill. McCurdy claims that leaked X-rated pictures were sent by her, but they were sent to only one person. Apparently that was one person too many. What was the “Sam and Cat” star thinking taking a chance like that in her position as a star to kids?

According to the Latin Post on March 12, McCurdy tweeted:

"To anyone disappointed: I sent those pics to 1 person. You can connect the dots. Shocked someone would stoop so low. I just speak w/ candor."

Andre Drummond, whose Jennette’s ex-boyfriend is distancing himself from those pictures and apparently Jennette too? He said:

"I did NOT leak any photos of JM. I want nothing to do with her or the situation. I'm just worried about ball."

This doesn’t sound as if there’s much love lost on Drummond’s part. Jeanette is called a “ratchet ho” by MTV star Charlamagne tha God. He continued with:

“Social sexual networking hookups are for regular people not celebrities.”

With the rumor on these pictures possibly costing Jeannette her job flying around online, fans are worried if this has some truth to it. Will she lose her job? So far nothing has been said by the folks at Nickelodeon that sounds remotely like Jeannette will be losing her job or that the “Sam and Cat” show is getting canceled.

Fans of “Sam and Cat” are promising to never watch Nickelodeon again if the show is canceled. A spokesperson from the network conformed that they have no intentions of canceling “Sam and Cat.” It looks like Jeannette is safe for now, as the show is in the process of filming its next season.

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