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Jennette McCurdy's racy pictures another contender in 'Sam and Cat' fate?

Jennette McCurdy: What is going on with "Sam and Cat?"
Photo by Frederick M. Brown

Jennette McCurdy’s angst regarding her role on the “Sam and Cat” show was apparent when she was a no-show at the Nickelodeon “Kid’s Choice Awards.” What is going on with McCurdy and will the “Sam and Cat” contract be renewed? The “Sam and Cat” show is one of the more popular shows to ever air on Nickelodeon averaging 3.5 million viewers. You would think that the network would bring it back.

The Epoch Times reports on April 27 that certain websites are spreading these false rumors of the show’s demise. Back on April 25 the website reported that “things behind the scenes don’t look so great and might force a cancellation.” They also stated on April 3:

"Jennette McCurdy, who stars alongside Ariana Grande in the series, has been in tense negotiations with the network for a raise, it’s been reported, halting production on the show."

This pay feud is just a rumor, one of many spinning online today, it was never made in an official announcement. The Epoch Times also quoted another website on April 3 that the “show was put on permanent hiatus, with everyone on the crew let go except for those working in post-production.”

This one kids’ show has spun so much speculation about its future that you would think it had to do with world politics. The rumors haven't stopped, they are still going strong today.

According to Kpopstars, other rumors point to her “leaked racy pictures” as being called the culprit for the show’s demise. While McCurdy’s anger or her embarrassment could be the reason the show won’t continue, “Sam and Cat” is now saying that the actors are on a much needed “hiatus.”

The word “hiatus” usually refers to the actors just taking a break, a “much needed break,” according to the people behind the scenes on the show. “Heavy drama” between McCurdy and Grande is the buzz online today, but is it over one getting paid more than the other, or is it because someone leaked those risque pictures of McCurdy?

The speculation that the “Sam and Cat” “hiatus” was due to those leaked McCurdy pictures has the network saying that the two are not related. McCurdy and Grande came to “Sam and Cat” from two popular shows, “iCarly” and “Victorious.” These were shows for kids, just like “Sam and Cat.”

The McCurdy half-naked selfies showing her in provocative poses is not the way kid’s idols should be portrayed, so was this a problem for the network? McCurdy feels that she is not being treated well by the network. She tweeted this after not showing up for the awards where her co-star Grande picked up the award for “Favorite TV Actress" and the show won “Favorite TV Show." If the two co-stars were feuding, you can bet that this added more fuel to the fire!

Some deductive reasoning:
If the problem with the “Sam and Cat” show was McCurdy’s pay being less than Grande’s then this could have easily been fixed with a raise to bring the two co-stars up to an even pay grade. This easy solution most likely would have been put in place to save the popular show, if that was all there was to it. The big ratings means big money for the network, so paying McCurdy what Grande makes would have been a drop in the bucket compared to what they will lose not renewing this show.

Whispers of Grande and McCurdy causing discord on the set of “Sam and Cat” might cause the network to actually put the show on a hiatus for people to cool down and get some rest. They most likely would not end a show for this reason, if that were the case, there wouldn’t be a half decent TV show to be found!

That leaves the pictures. Did McCurdy’s pictures tarnish this kids’ show to the point that the network would let this hot show slip off into the sunset? Even though the network claims the show is only on hiatus and the pictures don’t have a connection, then what is the reason the show’s contract hasn’t been renewed? Why is this called a hiatus by the network, but one that appears so open ended that a date for a contract renewal hasn’t been set? The mystery continues!

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