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Jennette McCurdy role model separation rant: Not her cup of tea as an adult

Jennette McCurdy wants nothing to do with being labeled a role model and she goes on a rant to tell you why.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jennette McCurdy and the term "role model" are forever separated from this day forward, if the "Sam and Cat" star has anything to say about it. A few weeks after the "Sam and Cat" show cancellation, McCrudy has posted an online rant of sorts. Although it is being called a "rant," it is more like a well-written declaration of freedom from being considered a role model, according to Fox news on July 25.

Why McCurdy decided to reject being called a role model in this public venue online is not known. Many speculate it has to do with the blow back she encountered when someone leaked racy photos of her in lingerie online.

The "Sam and Cat" star posted her rant on the Jenette McCurdy Subreddit page and it went viral, mostly due to folks trying to figure out what happened to make her so adamant about not being a role model. She did say in her younger days, it was easier to try and stay within the boundaries of what people considered appropriate for an adolescent role model, but as an adult it is too much work.

As a kid McCurdy saw herself fitting in as a role model because back then she was "amiable, bubbly, and on lightly humid days, maybe even flouncy. I was role model material and then some." As an adult, she decided that honesty is the best policy and she wants nothing to do with being "fake," so she can't possibly look at her own "imperfections" and feel like role model material.

The 22-year-old is proud of who she's become and she feels there is nothing wrong with the way she's lived her life so far. A role model means you need to be perfect and nobody should want to aspire to living life that way. Apparently for McCurdy, being a role model doesn't allow you the right of passage to make her own mistakes and learn from them, which should be a totally normal part of life.

She might be on to something here. Society tags the term "role-model" on many celebrities putting them on the spot. Being a role model seems to set the younger celebrities up for failure today. How many times have you heard, he or she is a role model to their fans and this isn't acceptable behavior?

The first time a young celebrity is seen in a skimpy bikini or kissing in public, the finger points their way and they are bashed for not performing up to the standards of a role model. This is a label they never asked for, but yet they are expected to live by the standards this label carries.

Many of the former Disney kids were held as role models and when they went through the trials and tribulations of being a teen, which is normal for any kid that age, they were put under a microscope. Selena Gomez is one of the more popular role models of modern-day.

Selena appears to be a young lady with a level head on her shoulders, but her on and off again relationship with Justin Bieber has caused her much angst with the media. If they are seen together it is headline news and it is usually not in a good context.

As a role model, Selena should want to stay away from Justin who has become somewhat of a bad boy with his run-ins with the law. As a teen and a young adult, Selena has the same dilemma as the girl-next-door in love.

While her intellect might tell her he's bad news, her heart can't let him go and instead of working it out on her own, she's subjected to major pressure of being a role model. Being a role model is probably a label she didn't want, just like McCurdy doesn't want.

McCurdy's rant, as it is being called today, was thoughtful, well-written and filled with honesty. As The Hollywood Gossip reports she calls the title of "role model," a "aggrandizing title." It sounds as McCurdy wouldn't wish this title on her worst enemy!

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