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Jennette McCurdy calls ex-boyfriend 'so ugly' on Twitter: Fans wonder which guy

Jennette McCurdy calls ex-boyfriend 'so ugly' on Twitter
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

Jennette McCurdy seems to have all her meltdowns on Twitter. As she continues to surprise her fans, the star once again has people questioning why she takes to such a public forum to attack people around her. According to the UPI on Friday, the “Sam & Cat” star actress threw some serious share on Twitter towards one of her ex-boyfriends.

The post, hitting the Twitter feeds around 4 a.m. on Thursday, obviously was a reflecting moment for the star who was having a moment in the middle of the night. Looking to express herself, she gave everyone an eyeful with a posting that perhaps should have been sent to a few understanding friends.

Fans were trying to decipher if the woman was reflecting on a physical look of the guy or perhaps a very unkind emotional moment that left her vulnerable. According to J-14 who reported about the Twitter post, McCurdy was likely referring to Detroit Pistons basketball player Andre Drummond.

The star’s image was badly hurt when racy pictures were released while she was dating the basketball star. While the couple was only together about a week, the actress publicly accused him of leaking pictures. It lead to many tabloid stories about the two celebrities and Jennette McCurdy seemed to use Twitter to fan the situation further.

Celebrity images are extremely important, especially when it comes to children’s programming like “Sam & Cat.” With racy pictures on the internet, she was unable to control the damage it caused. Add that the star didn’t handle it well and immediately laid blame, it was off-putting to some parents and caused a massive issue.

This latest meltdown from Jennette McCurdy has fans realizing that the chance to see her on television again might be longer than expected. Either the damage hasn’t been resolved or perhaps McCurdy is too hurt from the pictures to continue at this time.

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