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Jennette McCurdy a disappointment to fans? ‘Sam & Cat’ renewal seems unlikely

Jennette McCurdy
Photo by Jason Merritt

Did the Jennette McCurdy’s nearly naked pictures kill the popular Nickelodeon show “Sam and Cat?" The fans of the popular Nickelodeon show definitely love seeing Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande every week, but the show could be over. According to KpopStarz on Friday, the show went on hiatus after the season one finale and fans shouldn't expect the show to return unless the drama stops behind the scenes.

There has been plenty of drama coming from Jennette McCurdy and her alleged actions. First, the near naked picture posted on social media that shocked the parents and didn't really go over well with the network executives. Instead of getting in front of the scandal, the star seemed to watch it go down. Then Jennette McCurdy didn't show up at the "Kids Choice Awards" and instead of moving on she blasted Nickelodeon on social media with cryptic messages about the decision.

While the show "Sam and Cat" is Nickelodeon's highest rated series, the issue with the actress has people watching to see what might happen instead of appreciating the show, leaving everyone quite frustrated. Of course there is nothing to see as the show is scripted, but every little detail has been scrutinized.

If the issues of Jennette McCurdy weren't enough, it appears that the co-star is now in a feud with Ariana Grande. The "IBTimes" is reporting that heavy drama on set has plagued the cast and crew leaving everyone extremely upset about the future of the show.

Will “Sam & Cat” go on? The season one finale episode was on April 26, and industry experts expect it will be the last show. Making a show is similar to going to a job and when things don’t work out, someone needs to be fired. All of the alleged concerns around the series points to Jennette McCurdy and people are suggesting she has disappointed the fans.

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