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Jenna Jameson: When you're rich you want a Republican in office

Jenna Jameson
Jenna Jameson
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Porn legend Jenna Jameson was asked on Aug 2 who she would support for President in the upcoming November elections, and she intimated that her vote would be for the Republican candidate Mitt Romney, because as a rich American, it is better to have a Republican in office.

"I’m very looking forward to a Republican being back in office,” Jameson told a CBS reporter at the anniversary celebration of a gentleman's club in San Francisco on Thursday. "When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office." -

In many Presidential elections, celebrities have helped promote, and shown support for, candidates they felt furthered causes they hold dear. In 2006, Michael J. Fox went around the country supporting Missouri Senatorial candidate Claire McCaskill because of her stance in funding stem cell research. Additionally, President Obama has received numerous fundraising efforts from Hollywood elites who support his initiatives against global warming, and taxing the rich.

One interesting dichotomy between the wealthy on both sides of the political spectrum, is that conservatives donate more to charity than those on the left, with progressives and liberals making on average, 6% more in household income. However, the difference can be seen in how elected officials on each side support different monetary policies. Where conservatives may desire less taxation and government, liberals tend to lean towards higher taxation and more welfare programs.

The porn industry pales in comparison to other mainstream entertainment, but their annual revenues still does well at between $12 and $13 billion. Where an a-list actor may take home $20 million per movie, those in porn can make as little as $5000 per film, and must perform more often to be considered well paid. Thus it is no wonder that an entertainer like Jenna Jameson is partial to the conservative viewpoint of individual wealth accumulation than someone like Barbra Streisand who can make well over $1 million for a single night's work.

It is probable that a religious conservative like Mitt Romney is not enthusiastic about receiving a political endorsement from porn legend Jenna Jameson, but her views on money and individual wealth accumulation fit in well with Republican party views of financial freedoms.