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Jenna Betti: Train hit Calif. teen who tried to retrieve cell phone

Authorities in California are investigating the fatal train accident that took the life of Jenna Betti, a 14-year-old girl from Martinez, about 40 minutes east of San Francisco, the Contra Costa Times reported Tuesday. She was struck and killed by a freight train after she went to the tracks to retrieve her phone.

Pulled under train

The accident happened late Sunday afternoon. Witnesses say that Betti was walking with her boyfriend and for a time was sitting on the tracks. When the train came close, they got off the tracks but Betti’s phone apparently slipped out of her hand or pocket. She went back to retrieve it and was hit by the train. Authorities say that it was likely that the suction from the train drew her under the train.

Martinez student

Betti was a student at Martinez middle school. ABC7 News reported that grief counselors are on campus and will remain there for the rest of the week.

"I love her and I always will," Jenna's sister, Julia Betti, said. "Now she is in a better place, but she is always in our hearts."

"Why did this have to happen? And why to Jenna? Why did she have to leave us?" one friend, who did not identify herself, told the Contra Costa Times.

"She was always laughing. If you would see her at the lunch table, sitting with her friends, she's laughing and smiling," Principal Jonathan Eagan told the San Francisco Chronicle. "In class, she was a good student, but she also had a smile and was kind of the life of the party, in a very positive way, and she was also a phenomenal athlete."

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